Sofi Tukker Release New EP ‘DANCING ON THE PEOPLE’

Just in case you weren’t aware, Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern make up the dynamic duo known as Sofi Tukker. And ever since 2014, they have been making quite the name for themselves through some of the biggest anthems on the planet. Now back on July 8th 2016, they released their debut EP ‘Soft Animals.’ Then on April 13th 2018, they released their debut studio album ‘Treehouse.’ Since then, their worldwide fans have been patiently waiting for any updates regarding their next project.

Well just in case you forgot, back in August, Sofi Tukker took to social media to announce their upcoming EP ‘DANCING ON THE PEOPLE.’ So far, they have shared some of the amazing anthems from the upcoming project like “Swing,” “Playa Grande,” “Purple Hat” and “Fantasy.” Well today, the wait has finally ended as their new EP is officially out now. So stream their new project, and grab the download below.

We started this EP a year and a half ago, after a really inspiring weekend on the beach in the Dominican Republic. We were so inspired by the environment and by the people we met and wanted to translate that feeling and share it in our live show. We had started playing in front of bigger seas of people and we wanted to create those epic and nostalgic moments that make people want to dance and cry all at the same time. This group of songs really represents how we feel performing around the world, connecting with people and living in music. It’s a reflection of our life experiences the past year (both celebratory and challenging) and our live show experiences, that have been growing and getting crazier and crazier. We’re so excited to finally be sharing this music with the world and we hope it makes people feel moved, in all senses of the word. 

Sofi Tukker

Download: Sofi Tukker – DANCING ON THE PEOPLE EP


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