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This Is What Happens When You Call Porter Robinson’s Side Project Virtual Self On The Phone

Just in case you forgot, back in October, Porter Robinson broke the Internet when he announced his new side project Virtual Self. A month later, he unleashed madness with his 5 track ‘Virtual Self‘ EP. Now he did something in November that you may not remember…his Virtual Self account tweeted out a phone number.

The tweet has since been deleted but fans never forgot the number. This past weekend, a Reddit user named NotVoid did some research and called the number. Now the message a user receives upon calling the number has been transcribed, but never recorded; until now. So listen to the message, read what NotVoid had to say, and check out the visuals that he created below.

The phone number had been posted on Twitter on November 7th, 2017 at 12:00pm, on the Virtual Self account. I never got around to recording it until Sunday January 21, 2018. Initially I was surprised that no one had put out a recording of it yet, and that the phone number was still up. I saw a couple Reddit posts relating to it, but I’ll get to that.
I just called the phone through my computer and recorded it. I wasn’t sure how the loops worked so I just let it play. As it progressed, it seemed like the voice lines loop with some slight variety between each set, adding or removing certain lines but staying generally in a similar format. It faded out to complete silence at 6 minutes, 45 seconds. I waited about 5 minutes to see what else would happen, and eventually audio played saying
“Sorry, that conference number was not recognized. Please re-enter your conference number followed by the pound sign”.
I spent some time listening to the audio recording over again, trying to find out some of the lines. I came across some Reddit posts after trying to search about it. I first came across a comment from /u/NebulousDarke. After this, I saw his reply saying that /u/admiraldaniels did a better job of figuring them out here. Thanks to both of them for putting in the work.
While writing down what I heard, I adjusted some of their suggestions to what I saw fit. My transcription of the voice lines might not be the most accurate but I did what I could. It also helped after the EON BREAK and Particle Arts music videos came out, since their description had certain lines that overlapped with the lines on the phone call.
I posted it only on YouTube initially, taking the sample video clips from the Pathselector and technic-Angel Twitter accounts and looping them over the recorded audio. I had just posted it on SoundCloud as an afterthought, just to cover another base in case anyone would see it. I was pleasantly surprised to see the activity on it, and definitely excited to see that it came from Virtual Self reposting it on SoundCloud.


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