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Listen To Dog Blood & Ty Dolla $ign’s Unreleased Anthem “Midnight Hour”


It has been quite an exciting few months for SkrillexBoys Noize, and their worldwide fans. Now just in case you weren’t aware, back in 2012, the two superstars joined forces to form the dynamic duo known as Dog Blood. On August 12th 2012, they released their debut EP ‘Middle Finger.’ A year later on September 16th 2013, they returned with their sophomore EP ‘Middle Finger Pt. 2.’ Fast forward to this past March to when Skrillex & Boys Noize made their epic return as Dog Blood through their new single “Turn Off The Lights.”

Since then, their worldwide fans have been patiently waiting for any updates from SkrillexBoys Noize regarding new Dog Blood music. Well a few days ago, the guys took to social media to reveal that they have finished a new Dog Blood EP, and that it will be released later this month on May 31st. Yesterday, during Skrillex’s set at EDC Japan, he took the opportunity to drop “Midnight Hour,” his and Boys Noize’s unreleased collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign. Ty immediately posted the video on social media, while Skrillex teased the track in his Instagram Story. And judging by the snippet, this is going to be an absolutely massive tune! So check out the footage below, and stay posted right here for any updates.


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