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Jay Z & Kanye West’s “Ni**as In Paris” Goes EDM With This Sick Remix

Back on September 13th 2011, Jay Z & Kanye West unleashed madness when they released their massive collab “Ni**as In Paris.” Since then, the track has taken over the world, and is still a fan favorite at every party. With that said, the single still has left fans wanting more.

Well today, CRaymak, who is almost finished with his ‘FOM‘ (First Of the Month) series, just dropped his second to last bootleg. Today, he has taken on HOV & Yeezy’s 2011 smash hit and flipped it into a bass heavy anthem. So stream the madness, read what he had to say about the remix, and grab the download below.

We’ve made it to the second last bootleg of my FOM series. Jay-Z and Kanye West went side by side with Eminem for inspiring me to find a love for hiphop/rap. I remember, way back in high school, being in Jazz band and my band director wanted us to play with more “BOUNCE”, and lay behind the beat. He told us to listen to more Jay-Z to understand what he was talking about, then he put on Dirt Off Your Shoulders, if I recall correctly and the speakers were turned up so loud that the first line of the song “now turn it to the mo****f**kin greatest” blared through our room and the hallways haha. Ever since then, I immersed myself in Jay-Zs music, and Kanye as well. Then when the album Watch The Throne got released it quickly became a favourite of mine and my friends with Otis, Who Gon Stop Me, Paris and so many more great hits.
Aside from all of this, this is actually the best time to explain how my Artist name “CRaymak” came to be. It wasn’t always “cray-mak”. I first started with a username on various accounts that were pronounced “C-Ray-Mak”, based after my real name. (First initial C, second half “raymak” taken from my last name “Raymakers”). Ever since jay-z and kanyes “Paris” came out, people often got my name mis confused with “that sh** cray”, thus evolving my name into CRAY-MAK. Which I ended up liking more in the long run, however that’s why I still keep the C and R in CRaymak capitalized. Haha.
Anyways, enough story time… Enjoy my newest addition of my First Of Month series with my remix of Jay-Z and Kanye Wests, “Paris”! 🙂

Download: Jay Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris (CRaymak Bootleg)


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