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[INTERVIEW] Boarding The Space Yacht With LondonBridge

Space Yacht has been calling all party goers on the West Coast out to rage and find quality music in their underground scene. They have been making waves throughout the galaxy of the music industry with their wide variety of shows. From boat parties, to festival takeovers such as Beyond Wonderland and EDC, to label collaborations with the likes of Dim Mak and Disciple, Space Yacht keeps the ball rolling.

We recently sat down with Rami Perlman, aka LondonBridge, one of the founders of the Space Yacht movement, to get a better insight into how Space Yacht started, what their future goals are, and to get to better know the people behind the hype. LondonBridge has been on the rise with originals and remixes coming out on labels such as Dim Mak, Fool’s Gold, and Ultra Music. This summer he is playing across the nation including festival plays and a slot on the Night Bass Summer Phases tour. So learn more about him as well as Space Yacht through our exclusive interview below!

Home Town: New York
Currently Living: Los Angeles
Origin Of Company Name: My co-founders came up with the name when they were in college. The idea was that they were going to be so rich that one day they could buy a Yacht that could fly in space. 
Source of Motivation: My number one motivation is to be my own boss and be able to provide for my girl and my dog.  It used to be about fame and all that, but as i’ve gotten older i’ve realized that a good life is about family, friends and loving what you do.  I work with my best friends and I love DJing, so I’m feeling really lucky these days.

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What came first the DJing/producing or event planning?

I had been producing without releasing for a little over a year without releasing my music when Henry, Ollie, and I decided to start Space Yacht. I personally started Space Yacht to build a brand as a platform for myself as an upcoming artist but it turned into something much bigger than that. So while the producing came first they have all evolved and grown together hand in hand.

What three songs of yours would you tell people to listen to if they had never heard of you?

Hmmm… probably my top three LB tracks would be:

1) Sound Of the Underground

2) Treat Me Right

3) Creepin’

How would you describe the vision of the Space Yacht brand?

Space Yacht is about whatever is what’s up next in music, we want to be perceived as the ‘sound of the underground’. While that is the vision for our music we want the atmosphere and branding to be clear that we put our fans first and want to make a difference in the community through doing good. We have kept with this vision by keeping consistency in our branding and doing event continually.

How do you balance these different roles on a weekly basis?

Up until last year, I had a full time job and did Space Yacht and DJing on the side so i’m used to doing multiple jobs. I love what I do in both music and with Space Yacht, so for me it doesn’t feel like work.  Of course there are daily challenges, but everyone needs challenges to keep growing.

Who are some of your role models? for production and planning

Going to Dim Mak Tuesdays when first moving to LA was a huge source of inspiration. I have so much love and respect for Steve Aoki and what he has done for other artists. The variety of genres they put on in their events and genuine vibe of the events really inspired what I am doing today.

What gets you excited when you think about the future?

Sex robots

What are your goals and space yachts goals for a year from now? 5 years?

We’re not sure actually.  There are obvious things like throwing a festival and growing our merchandise business.  But there are other things like digital media and getting behind artists in a deeper way which is also interesting to us.  We do have some goals in terms of things we’d LIKE to do, but the success of Space Yacht has always been our ability to adapt when we see something popping up in culture. So i’m not exactly sure where we are going to be, but I know that we’d like to grow our platform to be a source of discovery for new music and a platform for new artists to be heard and get exposure.  We also want to keep making people happy at the parties. The family dynamic at our parties is one of my favorite things about Space Yacht.

City you want to do a show in?

I want to do a show in space.

To wrap up what is some advice you’d give to anyone trying to get into the electronic music scene?

If you want to be successful it’s about picking yourself up when you fail and being authentic and honest with the people you meet. The hardest thing in music is to put your ego at the door. Your always going to face adversity, it’s about being persistent and looking at it as a problem to solve to do what you want. Simply put though I’d say just be genuine and nice.


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