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Getter Announces New Single “Heartless”

Getter has undoubtedly proved himself to be a man of many production talents. As he consistently grows as an artist, so does his musical repertoire. Evolving from aggressive basslines, dabbling in hip hop, experimenting in metal, to his current sound of vocally driven, emotional melodic blends of beats sailing buoyantly over waves of reverb and bass, there‚Äôs truly no genre safe to his touch. Unfortunately, we haven’t heard much from him this year. Fortunately for us, that will all change very soon….

Earlier today, out of absolutely nowhere, Getter took to social media to announce his upcoming single “Heartless.” And fortunately for us, we won’t have to wait too much longer to hear his new anthem as it is set to be released in two weeks on Tuesday, October 29th. So check out the announcement below, and patiently wait right here for the madness to arrive later this month.

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