Diplo Releases Las Vegas After Hours Mix

It doesn’t seem like Diplo ever stops working on new music. In addition to his massive solo career, he has been staying busy lately with his 2 new projects Silk City & LSD. And recently, Diplo created an absolutely mind-blowing ‘Las Vegas After Hours Mix‘ for his fans that want to unwind with a peaceful mix at the end of a long night.

He took his chances to see how creative he can really get with the after hour sounds of Las Vegas. Diplo opened up his creativity to create a mix that would not normally come from the famous artist we regularly know. In the hour long mix, he even drops not one, but two unreleased anthems. Jump on listening to the creativity within this mix below and check out the tracklist HERE.

If you come to XS or one of my parties in vegas .. we go a lil deeper after 3/4 am.. sometimes it thins out im not gonna lie.. but stay if you can and party cause we get to play new music and deep house and techno
– Diplo


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