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Bro Safari & UFO! Release “N.U.M.B” From New Collab Album ‘Clockwork’

Bro Safari & UFO! are no strangers to working together. And every time these guys link up, the final product is an absolute masterpiece. Today, they have drawn from their drum and bass roots to create their newest anthem “N.U.M.B.

Their new release is the first of many anthems to be released from their upcoming two-part concept album, ‘Clockwork.’ The album will be released in discrete segments over the next few weeks. And if that wasn’t enough excitement, following the full release of the album, the guys will be touring multiple cities across the country.

Download: Bro Safari & UFO! – N.U.M.B.

And for an extra bonus, check out this amazing mini documentary about Bro Safari’s career to date!


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