Boombox Cartel Releases New Single “People I Know” Ft. Panama

Boombox Cartel is usually known for heavy trap beats but this new single “People I Know” is something different. The 80s inspired single featuring Sydney based singer Panama makes the perfect single to end this summer with some good vibes.

While this particular track is different than the Boombox Cartel we know, it is exciting to see him try something out of his comfort zone. So stream his beautiful new single, read what he had to say about the release, and grab the download below.

This isn’t something the fans would expect. But I want them to experience the roots of this project, at least for just one song. It felt fitting to release it before the summer ends.
– Boombox Cartel

Download: Boombox Cartel – People I Know (Ft. Panama)


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