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Bishop Briggs Announces New Single “Baby”

Just in case you forgot, back in March, we were lucky enough to sit down with Bishop Briggs and chat with her at BUKU Music + Art Project. During the interview, she spoke about alot of upcoming music. Then in April, she released her debut studio album ‘Church of Scars.’ Since then, the album has taken over the world, leaving fans wanting much more from Bishop.

Well the other day, Bishop Briggs took to social media to announce her new single “Baby.” If you have been fortunate to see her perform recently, you have been lucky enough to hear her unreleased anthem. Well fortunately for us, we won’t have to wait too long to hear it in full as her new tune is set to be released this Friday. So check out the announcement as well as our footage of her performing the track back in May at Brooklyn Steel, and patiently wait for her new single to arrive later this week.


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