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Bazzi & Camila Cabello Announce New Collab “Beautiful”


Bazzi has been quickly rising in popularity over the past year. Back in April, he released his debut studio album ‘Cosmic.’ Since then, we haven’t heard much from the rising star. Another star is Camila Cabello who we lasted heard from back in May when she linked up with Pharrell for “Sangria Wine.” Well today, we have some absolutely amazing news regarding both Bazzi & Camila Cabello.

Now just in case you forgot, one of the singles from Bazzi’s debut album was “Beautiful.” Today, him and Camila Cabello took to social media to announce their upcoming collab “Beautiful.” And fortunately for us, we won’t have to wait too long to hear their new anthem as it’s set to be released this Thursday. So check out the announcement below and patiently wait for their new anthem to arrive later this week.

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