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Andy Milonakis, Simon Rex & RiFF RAFF Announce Three Loco TV Show

Just in case you forgot, Andy Milonakis, Simon Rex (who goes by Dirt Nasty) & RiFF RAFF make up the hysterical rap group Three Loco. They reelased their debut EP back in November 2012. Last week, the guys took to social media to tease a Three Loco reunion.

And now today, RiFF RAFF has taken to social media to announce that himself, Andy Milonakis, Simon Rex have been working on a TV show for TBS. According to RiFF, the show will be “an actually funny sitcom show” because the current state of TV is “garbage.” So check out the announcement below and stay posted right here for any updates.

Three Loco on set in Mexico – @tbsnetwork

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Making deals with @jaymohr37 @tbsnetwork

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