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W&W Announce New Label ‘Rave Culture,’ Release New Single

After meeting up back in 2007, Willem van Hanegem & Ward van der Harstcame formed W&W and they haven͛t looked back since. And over the past decade, the guys have become one of the most dynamic duos in dance music history. Today, the guys are back with a new single and some absolutely massive news.

W&W have announced the launch of their new record label ‘Rave Culture.’ And if the record label news wasn’t enough excitement for you, W&W have also released their brand new single, also titled “Rave Culture.” This is the first single off their new label which will have a stronger focus on creative freedom. So read what the guys had to say about their new single, stream it, and grab the download below.

With our song ‘Rave Culture,’ we wanted to answer the call of many fans about making a song that went back to the golden era of Bigroom, somewhere around 2012 and 2013. We took that sound and tried to create an updated version with today’s production standards.
– W&W

Download: W&W – Rave Culture

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