Episode Humor

Watch Steve Aoki & Wilmer Valderrama In New Episode Of ‘The Hollywood #PuppetShitshow’

The Hollywood #PuppetShitshow is a new show that debuted on Fuse back in July. Today, they have premiered their brand new episode and damn this is some funny stuff. So sit back, relax, and watch the premiere of Steve Aoki & Wilmer Valderrama’s episode of The Hollywood #PuppetShitshow!

And as a bonus, here’s a little web extra skit.

In this installment of Puppet Sh!tshow First Dates, Steve Aoki is pumped to meet little Steve for the first time.
After doing a little jig with his puppet, the DJ/producer stares the little guy in the face and calls it the “Old Steve Aoki.” “He’s like a homeless Steve Aoki version, that’s 55 years old,” Aoki, who is totally cool with the look, adds.


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