EDM Live Set

Watch Fatboy Slim DJ 500 Feet In The Air

Just in case you weren’t aware, ever since 1979, Fatboy Slim has released four studio albums, three live albums, one soundtrack album, two compilation albums, three remix albums, six mix albums, three video albums, five EPs, 31 music videos, and countless singles. What makes some be able to stay relevant in their industry for decades is the ability to adapt with the times. And recently, he proved that he will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

On Monday, the master of fu-fighting of music played a 90+ minute set on the British Airways i360, a 531 foot observation tower on the seafront of Brighton, East Sussex, England. He performed for 120 very lucky attendees who not only got to witness a legendary DJ, but also an amazing view of the city! So check out the amazing footage below and check out the tracklist right HERE.


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