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Swedish House Mafia Are Working On New Music

Swedish House Mafia is without a doubt one of the most renown house music supergroups in the world. And recently, their worldwide fans have been going absolutely crazy as rumors have began to circulate regarding their possible reunion.

Earlier this week, the 35-year-old Swedish DJ and producer recently uploaded a mysterious picture with three Nike check marks on the back of a t-shirt, possibly hinting at a collaboration between Nike and Swedish House Mafia. Not much information has been revealed about the image, and no comments from Axwell or Steve Angello have been released about the tweet. However, Angello recently revealed some massive news regarding SHM to Swedish news publication Dagens Nyheter.

Yes, absolutely, Swedish House Mafia is back. Now during summer everyone is traveling a lot, but we’ve entered the studio. I can’t really say much more, but we’ve decided that: ‘Here we go.’
– Steve Angello

Thanks for all the messages I got hit with about this. But I guess now is the time to say that in May this year I told the boys I would be leaving at the end of summer 2018. In this industry people expect you to stay in projects that make you powerful. Ego. Pride. Power. Money. All of that. But for me I have learned that life changes you and what you want to do with that gift is a gift in itself. It was a big decision after 14 years but one I made for myself. I wish them so much joy and happiness and success and I will be watching proudly but the era of me with the boys is at an end. And what an era it was. We changed the game so many times through everything from brave hearts to sheer blindness. What a ride. But for me life’s changed now. The future belongs to a new set of people around them and I wish them luck with all my heart. And I suppose telling people in this way is not very CEO of me. But that’s not who I am. My passion got me here not a boardroom. Thank you to everyone who helped us. Who put up with us. The fans who stayed with us. We made history. But most of all to my daughter who shared me with this crazy ride without ever complaining. We Came. We Raved. I Loved it. Thank you so much. Amy x

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