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Stream Thirty Seconds to Mars New Single “Walk on Water”

Back in 1998, Thirty Seconds to Mars formed in Los Angeles, California. The band members are Jared Leto, Shannon Leto and Tomo Miličević. Previous members included Matt Wachter and Solon Bixler. Together, the group is responsible for 4 studio albums. But we haven’t heard much from the band since their 2013 album ‘Love, Lust, Faith and Dreams.’ That is, until today.

Today, the band has released their first single in 4 years with “Walk on Water.” In addition to the single, we get a lyric video and an announcement regarding a documentary film! So check their newest release, read what they had to say about the video and the documentary, and download their new single below!

Everything you are about to see we filmed on a single day in the United States of America. July 4th, 2017.
Over 10,000 people submitted footage of a single day including 92 of our professional crews. They filmed across the country in all fifty states plus Puerto Rico and D.C. and captured a portrait of this country that is absolutely beautiful, challenging and unforgettable.
A very small selection of that footage you see here. The rest will be part of a documentary film (directed by Jared Leto) that is a companion piece to our brand new album.
The album. The film. The tour.
Coming soon.
Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Download: Thirty Seconds to Mars – Walk on Water

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