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Slushii Announces New Album ‘Dream II’

Slushii is without a doubt one of the hardest workers in the music industry. And just in case you forgot, back on August 4th 2017, he released his debut album ‘Out Of Light.’ Fast forward to December 2018, when he released his sophomore album ‘Dream.’ And ever since then, his worldwide fans have been patiently waiting for any updates regarding his next project.

Well the other day, out of absolutely nowhere, Slushii took to social media to announce his upcoming album ‘Dream II.’ In addition to the album announcement, he also revealed that the project will be released in a few months on Friday, November 15th. So check out the announcement below, and patiently wait right here for any updates and releases from the album.

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DREAM II i wrote this album during one of the most emotionally draining points in my life. during the process of creating this project, i went through a roller coaster of feelings that i couldn’t even begin to describe. what started out as a project full of starry eyed vision slowly matured into a real story about moving on, knowing that you did all you could and sometimes when it’s out of your control, it’s okay to let go. but within that somber emotional blade that may have struck you at your weakest lies a flower, and when that flower blooms, you’ll find that things get better. it may not take a day or a month, but things do get better. hopefully i can help a few sunflowers bloom with this body of music. Coming 11/15

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