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RL Grime Announces Sable Valley ‘Research & Development’ Tour Ft. Baauer, Boombox Cartel And More

Henry Alfred Steinway, who is better known as RL Grime, is without a doubt one of the hardest workers throughout the music industry. Now when he isn’t working on massive productions, he is working on his record label Sable Valley. Just in case you forgot, he launched the label back in February, and has been pumping out massive anthems ever since.

Well yesterday, out of absolutely nowhere, RL Grime took to social media to announce the upcoming Sable Valley ‘Research & Development‘ Tour. The seven stop tour will feature RL Grime, Bauuer, Boombox Cartel, Whipped Cream, montell2099, Jackal, Kittens, Juelz, Cozway & Jawns. So check out the announcement below, and get ready for the Sable Valley invasion coming to a city near you!


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