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[REVIEW] Electric Forest Shined Bright In 2019

Electric Forest  is more than just a music festival; it is such a unique gathering of the masses, packed with tons of positive energy, amazing music, and super creative art installations. And between June 27th – 30th, Electric Forest took over Rothbury, Michigan for another unforgettable weekend. And while we were there covering the festival, we witnessed so much MAGIC: from the people, to the artists of all kinds, and much more, the whole festival was a life changing experience and today, we’ll share with you some of the amazing aspects of Electric Forest.

Diversity of Music:
If there’s one thing that Electric Forest has proven time and time again, it is that they are EXPERTS at pulling together an absolutely incredible lineup that brings together lovers of all electronic music and jam bands alike.

Throughout the magic of the festival, we listened to so much house, dubstep, live acts and bands, and everything in between. The diversity of the music throughout the festival was so unique; whether we were at Bassnectar or Bob Moses, it was safe to safe the music to kickoff the festival was absolutely incredible.

The only thing more diverse than the music were all of the amazing people of Electric Forest. The important thing here isn’t that there so many people from so many places, but that all of these people have come together as one for one purpose. From the moment we set up our campsite, until the last seconds driving away from Double JJ Resort, we felt so much love and mutual respect throughout the #ForestFam.

The #ForestFam is made up of people of all ages that are from all around that world that came to experience the magic this year. It was pleasantly shocking to hear so many people came from so much further than us just to experience this wonderful place. And after meeting so many different people from around the world, one thing was very clear: no matter what, everyone there was there to have fun, to not judge others, and to experience something new and exciting. The community dynamic is extremely welcoming thanks to the #ForestFam. It doesn’t matter if you came to EF in a group or just alone, upon getting to the Forest, you will immediately feel the super friendly community atmosphere.

There’s no place more appropriate to host a festival like Electric Forest than at the Double JJ Resort in Rothbury, Michigan. Electric Forest does everything in its power to make you feel as safe as possible, while also disconnecting from reality as much as possible.

Inside the actual Forest, the location as a whole brought out one clear vibe: an absolute sense of freedom and expression. Being able to hear amazing music, meet new people, and do this all while being encapsulated in a breath-taking forest is something special and exclusive to the Electric Forest experience. Also, you never know who you may run into while exploring the Forest…

The Art Installations:
Everywhere we explored during our time at Electric Forest, including the campgrounds, there was something to catch our eye. We will say this time and time again but Electric Forest is much more than just a music festival. With endless art installations, interactive elements, and tons of super creative vendors, EF is the perfect opportunity to forget your worries, disconnect from your daily life, and immerse yourself in another world.

Being in the Forest will absolutely change you for the best and one example is with art. In addition to all of the installations, Electric Forest brings together some of the best, and most creative art vendors on the world. Oh and let’s also not forget about those absolutely amazing Fairy Doors!

The Stages & Curated Events:
With so many different and unique stages and curated events, Electric Forest did a great job of keeping the stages as interesting as the artists performing on them. Curated Events are special stage takeovers that invite the Forest Family to become immersed in the world of taste-making music labels and artists. Each Curated Event is a carefully concocted mix of flavors from a unique and trendsetting corner of musical innovation. This year the Curated Events hosts were Gud Vibrations, BASSRUSH, Studio 54est, and of course, the Silent Disco!

From the moment we arrived until the moment we left, there was an overwhelming amount of peace, love, unity, and respect coming from every attendee and staff member. The happiest and most welcoming of vibes were radiating throughout the entire festival. So with that said, see you all next year for Electric Forest 2020!

All photos provided by The Middle Phinger – view the whole album HERE.


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