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Porter Robinson Announces Multiverse Music Festival

Just in case you weren’t aware, ever since 2005, Porter Robinson has released one studio album, two EPs, two remix albums, and countless singles and remixes. Back in October 2017, he broke the Internet when he announced his new project, Virtual Self. Since then, he has been hard at work, pumping out massive VS anthem after anthem. But guess what, Porter does more than produce music, he curates it….

Yesterday, out of absolutely nowhere, Porter Robinson took to social media to announce the first ever Multiverse Music Festival. And what makes this festival special? Easy – Porter himself has curated the lineup with himself and some of his friends. The festival is set to take place June 15th 2019 in Oakland, California. So check out the announcement, and sign up for tickets pre-sale below.

Tickets: Multiverse Music Festival

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