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ODESZA & Khalid Tease New Collab

Just in case you forgot, last September, ODESZA released their third studio album ‘A Moment Apart.’ And their insane 16 track project featured collabs with Naomi Wild, WYNNE & Mansionair, Leon Bridges, The Chamanas, Regina Spektor, Kelsey Bulkin, Sasha Sloan & RY X. Now since that release, we really haven’t heard much new music from the guys as they have been busying touring around the world. But even though they are busy touring, they never stop working on new music.

Now in this day and age it is not rare at all for artists to communicate with each-other through social media. And late last night, ODESZA tweeted at Khalid that they should do a song together. And guess what – Khalid is totally down with this amazing idea! So check out the tweets below and stay posted right here for any updates.


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