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MTV Is Bringing Back ‘Unplugged’

Well isn’t this some great throwback news for your Thursday? Remember last month when MTV revealed that they were bringing back ‘TRL?’ Well, it looks like they’re not finishing resurrecting past shows. From 1989 to 1999 ‘MTV Unplugged‘ showcased so many different musicians. There was also ‘MTV Unplugged No 2.0‘ from 2000 to 2009. But ever since then, we really haven’t had that great acoustic showcase show….until today!

According to Variety, MTV plans on bringing back ‘Unplugged’ and they will be doing it very soon and in an epic way! For their first episode of the new ‘Unplugged,’ which is set to air on September 8th, MTV has recruited none-other than Shawn Mendes to perform!

People come to my shows not really knowing what to expect, and they leave experiencing a real rock-pop concert. We’re playing 100% of the time. To be able to film that and put it out to the people is exciting.
– Shawn Mendes


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