Kayzo & Underoath Release New Anthem “Wasted Space”

Kayzo and Underoath collide in a electronic pop-punk super smash with their new single titled, “Wasted Space“. The genre-defying single follows up Kayzo’s recent xo sad collaboration “Fake Fake Fake,” as well as a number of similar styled tracks featured on his ‘Overload‘ album.

Wasted Space” is yet another pop-punk dubstep smashup as vocals and synths collide in poignant fashion. The single begins as any other high-tempo Underoath song and eventually breaks down to the trademark alarming dubstep synths presented by Kayzo. “Wasted Space” is the perfect setup for chaos and confusion as the band was brought out for Kayzo’s Escape: Psycho Circus set this past weekend in San Bernardino, USA.

“When I was told of the opportunity to work with Underoath, it brought me back tomy hockey days prior to music. Their album They’re Only Chasing Safety was on heavy rotation for me during my athletic career. It was a perfect opportunity to put to test the idea I have been pushing forward of theblurring of worlds and sonic sounds of my youth in rock, pop punk and my love for electronic music.”

  • Kayzo

Download: Kayzo & Underoath – Wasted Space


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