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GRiZ Teases New Album ‘INFINITE’

Without warning, the hip hop and multi-genre EDM producer GRiZ took to social media to tease his upcoming project ‘INFINITE.’ In his recent upload, he posted a picture of a whiteboard of what looks like rough album tracks written out for an upcoming album. We can speculate that the jotted ideas could lead to some real track titles with names such as “Cruise Control” and “Can’t Get Enough” seen in the post.

Although not much information has been released regarding the possible album, we can expect the bass and saxophone legend to announce more details soon. So check out the teaser and his upcoming tour dates below, and stay posted right here for any updates.


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Tour Dates:
9.21.2018 – Atlanta, GA – Imagine Festival
10.5.2018 – Nashville, TN – Breakaway Music Festival (Nashville)
10.12.2018 – Charlotte, NC – Breakaway Music Festival  (Charlotte)
1.9.2019 – Cape Canaveral, USA – Holy Ship!


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