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Chance the Rapper Announces Debut Album ‘The Big Day’ Release Date

Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, who is better known as Chance the Rapper, has been making quite the name for himself ever since 2011. And there doesn’t seem to be one thing that the rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and activist can’t do. Now throughout his amazing career, Chance has released five mixtapes, but has yet to release a studio album, until this year…

Well back in February, Chance the Rapper took to social media with some absolutely amazing news. That was when he revealed that he is working on a new album and that it will be released this July! Since then, his worldwide fans have been patiently waiting for any updates regarding the album. Well late last night, Chance took to social media to officially announce his debut album ‘The Big Day.’ And fortunately for us, we won’t have to wait much longer to hear the project as it is set to be released later this month on July 26th. So check out the announcement, pre-order the album, and patiently wait right here for it to be released in just over a week.

Pre-Order: Chance the Rapper – The Big Day


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