Bassnectar Releases New EP ‘Reflective Pt. 4’

Bassnectar has been working on his ‘Reflective‘ series for quite some time now. On June 12th 2017, he unleashed absolute madness with his 6 track ‘Reflective Pt. 1‘ EP. And then on November 26th 2017, he returned with the 6 track ‘Reflective Pt. 2‘ EP. Fast forward almost a year to August 24th 2018, when he released his 6 track ‘Reflective Pt. 3‘ EP. Since then, his worldwide fans have been patiently waiting for any updates regarding the next Part of the series.

Well late last month, out of absolutely nowhere, Bassnectar took to social media to begining teasing his upcoming EP, ‘Reflective Pt. 4.’ Shortly after that, we got a taste of the project when he released “Illusion,” his collab with PEEKABOO & Born I. Today, we don’t just get a taste, we get the whole thing as the 7 track project has arrived. The new EP also features collabs with HAILO, RD, Jantsen & Sunru, and also a brand new remix! So stream the madness, and grab the download below.

Download: Bassnectar – Reflective Pt. 4 EP

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